Helpful Resources and Other Trackers

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There are multiple lists that help assessing the response of organizations and individuals to the Russian agression against Ukraine.

Some of the lists listed below were started as a response to February 24, others existed before. They touch various aspects, use different methodologies, and provide different viewpoints, which is important in understanding the situation holistically.

Kiev School of Economics (KSE)/Leave Russia

Combines the efforts of two entities: Leave Russia group and KSE, the most comprehensive list out of those directly addressing the Russian agression against Ukraine.

Boycott Russia

This is a collective driven by members of the Ukrainian diaspora in the U.K., U.S., and the European Union.

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

This is a large list of over 10,000 companies. Since the war began, effort has been directed towards tracking the response to the Russian invasion within the broader framework of human rights.

Coalition for Ukraine

Sources are provided for every entry with a classification of each one as either "pulling out" or "holding out".

Putin 100

This list predades the Russian Invasion, but its relevance has only increased since. It focuses on the banks that are funding Putin's war.


Wikipedia has a page dedicated to tracking the company statements. While it mostly covers companies that have already taken action, there is a smaller list at the end titled "Companies criticized for not joining the boycott."

Yale's List

The list curated by Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld's group from Yale University, providing letter grades (from A to F) to each company.

Bank Track

This is a list of the top 100 banking (S&P) institutions and their reaction to the Russian invasion.

Moral Rating Agency

Multi-criteria ranking of companies' response to the Russian aggression

Putin's List

In contrast to the other lists, this is the list of individuals (rather than companies or organizations).